«Professional trading Course on Forex market»

 «Professional trading on Forex market» course is arranged according to the principle of complex education. Therefore, it consists of two parts: theory and practice. The course includes 10 lectures which are read during 2 weeks. On each lecture you will be involved both in theory and practice. This will allow you to consolidate the acquired knowledge with practical trading.

This course offers group approach to the education of every customer. Everybody has an opportunity to study trading technologies both from the beginning and from the upper level of Forex knowledge.

The educational plan for the individual trading course is discussed beforehand with a teacher and confirmed before the lectures begin. 

During the education the customers are welcome to ask any questions related to the trading on financial markets.

Lectures are held by Eways analyst, who is a real trader.


Certificates will be provided by EWAYS on the completion of the course.


Important! At each theoretic lecture some time is devoted to practice, i.e. the practical part starts from the first day of study.

What will you get from the basic course

Throughout the course every customer acquires necessary knowledge and develop the skills allowing them to earn money on Forex from the first days of trading. It stands to reason that all rules and recommendations of the educational course are followed.

Beginning: arranged individually
Duration: 2 weeks (2 hours a day) from Monday to Friday (3pm-5pm)
Cost: Rs.10,000 = $100 (fully credited to your trading account as a bonus)
Address: Eways Online Trading, Circular Road, Bahawalpur.
Phone number: +92(62)2886829,  +92(300)8541606

Who might be interested in this educational course

If you have a target to be financially independent, this course is for you. As for your current level of knowledge, this course is suitable both for beginners and those having certain trading experience and willing to get professional education.

To enroll for the course, fill in the form in our office or give us a call.




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